Integrated Coastal management

Since the Academic year 2001-02, the Department of Marine Sciences has been running an one-year MSc Course Program on "Integrated Coastal Zone Management". To date, there have been more than 160 graduates.

The course runs in collaboration with scientists of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) and the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI). The course objective is to provide graduates with the scientific expertise required to successfully deal with problems related to Integrated Coastal Management, focusing on the ecological and physical processes, ecosystem degradation/restoration, the sustainable management of biological resources, Climate Change impact and geo-hazard risk assessments and the sustainable development of the Coastal Zone.


The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) postgraduate program aims to provide scientific training through both lectures and hands-on exercises. Its ultimate goals are:

  • To contribute to the development of high-level professionals and researchers.
  • To advance basic and applied research in the coastal/marine environment considering also sustainable development needs.
  • To disseminate expert scientific knowledge to the private and public sectors involved in the ICZM.

Postgraduate students are trained in:

  • the coastal and marine physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes;
  • the sustainable management of living resources, with a particular focus on fisheries and aquaculture;
  • pollutant quantification and the assessment of the quality of the coastal environment;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the merging of satellite and ‘ground-truth’ data, spatial environmental data analysis and the use/development of ICZM tools;
  • the study of ecological processes in coastal/marine ecosystems, with a focus on eutrophication, biodiversity, primary production, marine food web analysis, and population dynamics;
  • coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics and the effects of marine geohazards;
  • ICZM international and European policies and regulation and environmental impact assessment techniques.

In addition, postgraduate students are trained:

  • to use modern environmental data processing methods and multi-criteria methodologies as decision-making tools;
  • in the planning of the Integrated Management of Coastal Areas and River basins, through modeling and the application of novel methods and techniques;
  • the application of innovative methodologies in operational oceanography, hydroacoustics and fisheries management;
  • in the risk assessment of coastal infrastructure.

Graduate studies with economic relevance

  • With 6,000 islands or islets and more than 13,000 km of coastline, Greece's economy is naturally dependent on maritime activities. The numbers can be overwelming: more that 1/3 of the Greek population lives in the coastal zone, and over 18% of the annual Gross National Product is produced from tourism associated to the marine and coastal environment. The fishing and aquaculture sector yields 284 millions and 345 million euros respectively, while fishing activities secure the employment of more than 37,500 persons and maintain the cultural status of the Aegean archipelago.

Course modules

The MSc program is structured as a two-semester program of modules, containing also an MSc Dissertation. It consists of a core of mandatory modules, as well as options.

First Semester
Mandatory modules ECTS
1 Coastal Ecology and Biodiversity 6
2 Coastal Oceanography and Climate Change 6
3 Coastal and Marine Pollution 6
4 Coastal Geo-Hazards 6
5 Coastal and Marine Geo-Informatics 6

Second Semester
Mandatory modules ECTS
1 Management of Biological Resources and Sustainable Development 6
2 Integrated Coastal zone management 6
Options (1 of 4)
1 Quantitative analysis of environmental data 6
2 Fisheries and aquaculture 6
3 International and European policies and legislation for coastal management 6
4 Operational oceanography and hydro-acoustics 6
MSc Dissertation 12

Total ECTS 60


Country: Greece
City: Mytilene
Duration: 2 academic semesters
Language: Greek - English
Educational form: Taught - Research
Education variants: Fulltime
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