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λογότυπο σελίδας

Coastal Morphodynamics-Management & Marine Geology



Labοratory Director

Velegrakis Adonis | Professor | Labοratory Directorcv
  • Sediment dynamics
  • Coastal erosion and morphodynamics - vulnerability due to climate change and extreme events
  • Impacts of climate change in transportation networks
  • Modern coastal and marine sedimentation processes
  • Marine aggregates
  • Marine Environmental Law and Environmental Impact Assessment studies

Academic staff

Tzoraki Ourania | Associate Professorcv
  • Hydrology, water quality and sediment transport monitoring, modelling and management of Intermittent and Ephemeral Streams (IRES), i.e. flash floods, nutrient pollution and Climate Change impact
  • Operational hydrology, i.e. early flood warning system development for IRES, LSPIV using UAVs
  • Artificial Aquifer Recharge with treated wastewater
  • Coastal Zone Management (coastal aquifers protection, beaches resilience, ports environmental management). 
Hasiotis Thomas | Associate Professorcv
  • Sedimentary processes in coastal and marine environments
  • Geo-hazards and their consequences in coastal and offshore works
  • Coastal erosion and morphodynamics
  • Habitat mapping
  • Marine aggregates
Vousdoukas Michalis | Assistant Professorcv

Postdoctoral researchers

Monioudi Isavela | Scientific assistantscv
  • Coastal erosion/flooding and morphodynamics - development/use of tools/models
  • Vulnerability of coastal environments/infrastructures due to climate change and extreme events
  • Collection/analysis of field data (topographic, meteorological, hydrodynamic etc)
  • Design/costing of coastal protection works
  • Coastal zone management

PhD Candidates

Andreadis Olymposcv
  • Use of scientific instrumentation and field data collection with emphasis in oceanography
  • Coastal hydrological and geomorphological processes and climate change
  • Coastal engineering and coastal protection/replenishment works
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
Koutalakis Paschaliscv
  • Water Resources Management
  • Hydrology – Hydrogeology
  • Geomorphology
  • UAVs Applications – 3D models – Hydrometry)
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
Koutsovili Eleni- Ioannacv
  • Flood risk in intermittent and ephemeral streams
  • hydrological and hydraulic modeling
  • Early flood warning system
  • Collection/analysis of field data: flow and soil humidity measurements, meteorological data, topographic surveying of streams
Lagou Mariacv
  • Water Policy
  • Water Governance
Manoutsoglou Evangeliacv
  • Submarine Geomorphology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Geoinformatics - Cartography
  • Scientific diving
Μελιγωνίτης Ραφαήλcv
Panagou Theodorecv
  • Mathematical modelling & Scientific computing
  • Lidar technology and Applications
  • Satellite Oceanography
  • Remote sensing & Machine learning algorithms
  • Nearshore processes
Chatzipavlis Antoniscv
  • Coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics
  • Coastal vulnerability due tο climate change and extremes
  • Coastal protection works
  • Numerical modeling
  • Scientific software development

Research assοciates

Provatas Nikoscv
Rigos Anastasioscv
Psarros Fotiscv