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  • Maria-Adamantia Efstratiou

    Maria-Adamantia Efstratiou
    Title:Associate Professor
    Affiliation:Department of Marine Sciences
    Office hours:Tuesday 12:00-13:00
    Phone:(+30) 22510 36815
    Curriculum vitae:cv


    Following a career in industry (CIBA-GEIGY a pharmaceutical company and KNORR S.A. a food company) and in research institutions (Athens School of Public Health, the Pasteur Institute of Athens) as well as in the public sector (Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries) in Greece, I lecture to undergraduate and graduate students. My research interests include water microbiology with emphasis on:

    • Detection of indicator bacteria, emerging and pathogenic microorganisms in aquatic environments. Antibiotic resistance patterns.
    • Pathogenic yeasts in the sand of bathing beaches
    • Influence of rainfall in the microbiological load of bathing water
    • Influence of fish culture activities in the heterotrophic load of water and sediment
    • Spoilage microorganisms in fish products
    • Managing the microbiological recreational water quality and relevant legislation


    Undergraduate courses: Marine Microbiology (average 90 students each semester, lab included), Marine Microbial Ecology (average 70 students each semester), Microbial Quality Control of Fish Products and Food (average 70 students each semester). All courses are solo-taught.

    Postgraduate courses: Coastal and marine pollution (lectures to M.Sc. students), lab practicals on marine microbiology to M.Sc. students.

    Undergraduate mentoring: 39 student projects.

    Graduate dissertations: 13 dissertations.

    Professional activities

    Editorial Service: Editor, Journal of Water and Health, International Water Association Publishing in collaboration with WHO (2009-present).

    Society Service: Vice Chair, the Greek Society for Water Microbiology (2009-2012).

    Manuscript Reviewer: Water Research, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Water, Journal of Water and Health, Science of the Total Environment, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Polish Journal of Microbiology, Journal of Food Science.

    Grant Proposal Reviewer: Expert Evaluator for European Union Research funding (HORIZON 2020, COFASP ERA-NET, BlueBio, FP6 & FP7); Fondation A*MIDEX, France; General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT), Greece.

    Other activities

    Association Memberships: International Water Association (IWA), Society for Applied Microbiology (UK), Society for General Microbiology (UK), Greek Society for Water Microbiology, Greek Society of Biological Sciences.

    Professional Bodies: Hellenic Union of Biologists, Geotechnical Chamber of Greece.

    University Service: member of the University Committee on Educational Programmes and Lifelong Learning Education; member of the University committee on Bioethics; representative of the Dept. to the National Academic Recognition Information Center.

    Selected publications

    Book: Mavridou A, Vantarakis A, Efstratiou M.A. Arvanitidou M. (2014) Microbiology and Epidemiology of Water, BrokenHill Publishers, Nicosia (in Greek).

    Chapter in book: Efstratiou M.A. (2005) Microbiological Issues in Environmental Education, in Kaila,M. et al [eds], Environmental Education, Atrapos Publishers, Athens (in Greek).

    Booklet: Efstratiou M.A. (2008) Good Fish Handling Practices on Board, Doukas Publishers, Mytilene (in Greek).

    Articles in Scientific Journals:

    Nikolaou,A., Kostopoulou,M., Efstratiou,M.A. et al (2020) Pharmaceuticals in the sea: environmental processes, detection techniques and management strategies, Water, accepted article.

    Efstratiou, M.A. (2019) Microorganisms in beach sand: health implications, In Nriagu, J. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, Elsevier, 4, 385-389. 

    Gaitanis,G., Magiatis,P., Efstratiou,M.A. et al (2019) Antifungal activity of selected Malassezia indolic compounds detected in culture, Mycoses, https://doi.org/10.1111/myc.12893

    Efstratiou, M.A., Boudouni,M. & Kefalas,E. (2018) Spread of antibiotic resistance to aquatic environments: E.coli as a case study, MDPI Proceedings, 2, 693, 1-7.

    Chalatzas,Th., Efstratiou, M.A. et al (2017) Ecosystem service evaluation of streams for nutrient and bacteria purification in a grazed watershed, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 26, 7849-7859.

    Efstratiou, M.A. & Velegraki, A. (2010) Recovery of melanized yeasts from Eastern Mediterranean beach sand associated with the prevailing geochemical and marine flora patterns, Medical Mycology, 48, 413-415.

    Efstratiou, M.A., Mavridou, A. & Richardson C. (2009) Prediction of Salmonella in seawater by total an faecal coliforms and Enterococci, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 58, 201-205.

    Efstratiou, M.A. & Tsirtsis, G. (2009) Do 2006/7/EC European Union Bathing Water Standards exclude the risk of contact with Salmonella or Candida albicans?, Marine Pollution Bulletin 58, 1039-1044.

    Efstratiou, M.A., (2009) Salmonella from fresh vegetables. Letter to the Editor, Journal of Food Science, 74, viii.

    Vantarakis Α., Chondrou, Μ., Efstratiou, Μ. & Papapetropoulou, M. (2007) Use of an AFLP technique for the discrimination of source (human or animal) of E. coli, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 29, S338-S339

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