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Thodoros Kampouris

Thodoros Kampouris
Title:Marine Biologist, MSc/PhD Candidate
Affiliation:Department of Marine Sciences
Office hours:
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Thodoros E. Kampouris, is a Marine Biologist. He obtained a BS degree from Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Aegean and an MSc from Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology, Heriot Watt University, Scotland UK. During his bachelor and postgraduate studies, he was fortunate to collaborate with many research teams of Greek universities and with the private sector. Also, he voluntary offered his expertise in NGOs and other research institutions in Greece and Scotland. His research interests are focusing on marine and freshwater decapods, fisheries management and alien species. Thus far he participated in seven research projects, (co) authored more than 12 papers in international peer reviewed journals and one guide-book, he was involved in more than 20 relative reports.


Selected publications

Batjakas, I.E., Kampouris, T.E. and Papadas, A. 2015. First Record of the African Surgeonfish Acanthurus monroviae (Osteichthyes: Acanthuridae) In the Hellenic Waters. Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology, 2(6): 00047

Giovos, I., Batjakas, I.E., Doumpas, N., Kampouris, T.E., Poursanidis, D. and Paravas, V. 2018. The current status of lionfish invasion in Greece and future steps towards control and mitigation. In: Lionfish invasion and its management on the Mediterranean Sea. Hüseyinoğlu, M.F., Öztürk, B. (Eds.). Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) Publication number: 49, Istanbul, Turkey, 121 pages. ISBN: 978-975-8825-41-7.

Kampouris, T.E., Giovos, I., Doumpas, N., Sterioti, A. and Batjakas, I.E. 2018. First record of Penaeus pulchricaudatus (Stebbing, 1914) and the establishment of P. aztecus, (Ives, 1891) and P. hathor (Burkenroad, 1959) in Cretan waters, Greece. Journal of the Black Sea/ Mediterranean Environment, 24(3): 199-211.

Kampouris, T.E., Kouloumperis, V. and Batjakas, I.E. 2018. First documented record of the Palaemonid shrimp Brachycarpus biunguiculatus (Lucas, 1846) (Decapoda, Caridea, Palaemonidae) from Aegean Sea, Greece. Spixiana, 41(2): 188.

Kampouris, T.E., Kouroupakis, E., Lazaridou, M. and Batjakas, I.E. 2018. Length-weight relationships of Squilla mantis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Crustacea, Stomatopoda, Squillidae) from Thermaikos Gulf, North-West Aegean Sea, Greece. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic studies, 6(6): 241-246

Kampouris, T.E., Porter, J.S. and Sanderson, W.G. 2019. Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun, 1896) (Brachyura: Portunidae): an assessment on its diet and foraging behaviour, Thermaikos Gulf, NW Aegean Sea, Greece. Evidence for ecological and economic impacts. Crustacean Research. In press

Kampouris, T.E., Tiralongo, F. and Batjakas, I.E. 2019. First record of Didogobius schlieweni Miller (Perciformes, Gobiidae) in Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Aqua International Journal of Ichthyology, 25(1): 13-16.

Kampouris, T.E., Tiralongo, F., Golemaj A., Doumpas, N., Giovos I. and Batjakas, I.E. 2018. Penaeus aztecus Ives, 1891 (Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata, Penaeidae): On the range expansion in Sicilian waters and on the first record from Albanian coast. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic studies, (6(4): 468-471.

Katsikatsou, M., Anestis, A., Pörtner, H.O., Kampouris, T.E. and Michaelidis, B. 2011. Field studies on the relation between the accumulation of heavy metals and metabolic and HSR in the bearded horse mussel Modiolus barbatus. CBP Toxicology & Pharmacology, 153(1): 133-140.

Kondylatos, G., Kampouris, T.E., Kouloumperis, V. and Corsini-Foka, M. 2017. The Indo-Pacific brachyuran Charybdis (Gonioinfradens) paucidentatus (A. Milne-Edwards, 1861) (Brachyura, Portunidae) in the Cyclades, Aegean Sea. Turkish Journal of Zoology, 41(6): 1118-1120.

Nikolopoulou, I., Baxevanis, A.D., Kampouris, T.E. and Abatzopoulos, T.J. 2013. Farfantepenaeus aztecus (Ives, 1891) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Penaeidae) in N Aegean first record in Greece by morphological and genetic features. Journal of Biological Research- Thessaloniki, 20: 367-375.

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