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Eleni Kytinou

Eleni Kytinou
Title:PhD Candidate
Affiliation:Department of Marine Sciences
Office hours:-
Curriculum vitae:cv


My Phd thesis is focused on 1) Τhe study of the structure and function of coastal food webs 2) Τhe impacts of overfishing on coastal food webs. With underwater visual surveys, I collect and analyze quantitative data of various trophic levels. My further research interest includes the application and development of ecosystem-based, ecological status indices.


Tutor in training schools and organization of field exercises:

  • Summer University of Samothraki 2016 “Integrated Management Approaches for Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas” Samothraki island, Greece. Εcological quality assessment.

  • “Marine Life of the Mediterranean" field course / summer school, Lesvos Island, Greece. Visual surveys for species assessment.

Selected publications

González-Moreno P., Lazzaro L., Vilà M., Preda C., Adriaens T., Bacher S., Brundu G., Copp G.H., Essl F., García-Berthou E., Katsanevakis S., Lucy F., Nentwig W., Roy H., Srėbalienė G., Talgø V., Vanderhoeven S., all assessors ALIEN challenge (including Kytinou E.), Kenis M. (2019). Consistency of impact assessment protocols for non-native species. Neobiota, version R2 Mar 2019. In press.

Kytinou E., Nicolaidou A., Katsanevakis S. (2018). Surveying Messolonghi lagoon (Greece): first records of the colonial ascidians Aplidium coeruleum and Didemnum protectum in the eastern Mediterranean and densest ever recorded aggregation of the alien nudibranch Melibe viridis. pp. 682–683. In: New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records (November 2018), Yokeş M. et al., 2018. Mediterranean Marine Science, 19(3), 673–689. doi: 10.12681/mms.19386

Tsiamis K., Salomidi M., Kytinou E., Issaris Y., Gerakaris V. (2016). On two new records of rare Cystoseira taxa (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) from Greece (Eastern Mediterranean) Botanica Marina 59(1): 73–77. doi: 10.1515/bot-2015-0084

Zenetos A., Arianoutsou M., Bazos I., Balopoulou S., Corsini-Foka M., Dimiza M., Drakopoulou P., Katsanevakis S., Kondylatos G., Koutsikos N., Kytinou E., Lefkaditou E., Pancucci-Papadopoulou M.A., Salomidi M., Simboura N., Skoufas G., Trachalakis P., Triantaphyllou M., Tsiamis K., Xentidis N.J., Poursanidis D. (2015). ELNAIS: A collaborative network on Aquatic Alien Species in Hellas (Greece). Management of Biological Invasions 6(2)2: 185–196. doi: 10.3391/mbi.2015.6.2.09

Katsanevakis S., Poursanidis D., Issaris Y., Tsiamis K., Salomidi M., Maroulakis M., Kytinou E., Thessalou-Legaki M., Zenetos A. (2010). The invasive crab Percnon gibbesi (Crustacea: Decapoda: Plagusiidae) is spreading in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Marine Biodiversity Records 3, e53. doi: 10.1017/S1755267210000163