The primary mission of the Department of Marine Sciences is to provide high quality education and research in the multidisciplinary field of oceanography. The engagement of our faculty staff in research and scholarship is of critical importance to this mission, equipping students with knowledge, insights, scholarly methods, and competitive scientific training.

It is our staff who make the Department's diverse education, research and outreach programs run, encouraging a vibrant intellectual community for our students. Detailed contact information, personal or laboratory website links and a summary of research interests are available for each faculty member by following the links from the navigation menus on the left. Contact information is also available for the rest of our staff, including administrative, research and technical support members. | | @@ (at) (dot) .c@om .n@et | @ (at)@ @..(do.t) ...c contact: no u f@ mailto: noone. antispam@ @spam spam -nospam

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